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Bush, who, in their view, had overreacted to Putin’s Georgia aggressions by siding with the breakaway Ossetians.

So was born the progressive “reset” with Vladimir Putin —over the objections of much of the Republican congressional establishment.

Russia’s semi-Western heritage, its Christian Orthodoxy, and its fears over unassimilated Muslim populations in theory might have offered shared incentives to check radical Islam.

Its worries that its border regions were being populated with nuclear powers — China, India, North Korea, Pakistan — might have made it interested in triangulating against nearby Iran, a would-be nuclear nation.

I think it doesn’t read the thought process in Russia very well.

Trump’s campaign message — rebuilding the military, restoring deterrence abroad, Jacksonianism instead of Obamism, and pushing fracking and horizontal drilling to crash world oil prices — laid out an anti-Russian agenda, at least in comparison with Hillary’s.

Yet we enjoy all sorts of cultural, political, and economic bipartisan relationships with China, whose nuclear patronage of North Korea has done more damage to U. security than any plot from the dark mind of Vladimir Putin.

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