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Obviously, I'd rather he was closer to my age, thinking about the future- but my family understand that these things happen and what can you do.. I just wish I hadn't wasted that first year trying to put barriers between us...... my step dad is 23 years younger than my mum (toy boyy!!

So I wonder how my family will react when they hear I'm pregnant! Good to see other relationships with large age gaps My husband and I have 18 years between us - we've been together just over 10 years and married 7 years next month. There are obviously things that are awkward or that we may see differently but we both laugh most of that off. Nyk x Not quite the same but me and OH have a 7 year gap between us we met when I was 17 and he was 24. ) my sister is engaged with a man who is 25 years older than her nobody can tell you who to fall in love with, or who to date, or be friends with.

He nodded in surprise and didn’t offer his age until I asked for it. Then he excused himself to the go to the bathroom while I sat wondering what this number meant: Would he want to move faster in a relationship? Would he be appalled by my tiny studio apartment, which I could barely afford?

“You’ll never guess,” he said, which is when I tried to examine his face for wrinkles and his hair for salt-and-pepper grays—but there weren’t any.“I’m 38,” he said. “So I know what you’re thinking,” he said, upon returning. ” He launched into an explanation about not finding the right woman yet and managed to quell all of my concerns—at least for the time being.

And the couple gushed ridiculously at the last couple who were recently retired chatterboxes. the best thing you can do is be honest with your mum, tbh she may be a little annoyed at first but shes your mum, she will come round.