16 good age start dating dating baton rouge

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Marrying a partner who supports you, encourages you, challenges you, loves you, respects you–and is your equal in all things–gives you a stunningly powerful position in life.

Also, none of this “leader of the family” nonsense.

One of us doesn’t “lead” the other, we walk through life side by side and make respectful, joint decisions about our future.

As a result, we’re both 100% on board with our financial plans, homestead goals, and general life philosophies.

However, I can’t deny the privilege that’s intrinsic in charting the financial path Mr. I write Frugalwoods fully cognizant of how incredibly fortunate Mr. And yes, I do sometimes feel ill at ease about the fact that many folks will never be able to acquire the level of wealth that we currently have and don’t even need to spend.