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As you listen, you may discover that the person you've dismissed has a fabulous sense of humor, is kind to your daughter, puts her at ease, or otherwise surprises you and satisfies your need to see your daughter treated well.

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However, if the boy's parents do not want your daughter to interact with their son, your daughter has to honor their wishes.

So, you are saying that any parent can go into a public school and make accusations with no proof that they are true and demand the school follow their orders? These accusations are not true ( we actually dont even know what has been said about her to the school, no one has told us anything.) and now her immpeccable reputation is being damaged because these parents decide they dont like her? old young man and my daughter still very much like each other and we have no problems with him either. His parents have actually demanded that the school keep him in a room by himself for the entire day to prevent him from communicating with my daughter.

This is a public school in Illinois, can they tell my daughter who she can speak to based off this false information?

our daughter also shared a locker with the boy and last week in the middle of school the adminstration confiscated all of her belongings and text books and took them to the office because the boys parents demanded her stuff be removed and also had the lock changed.

Nonetheless, if the boy's parents do not want her to speak to their son, then she needs to honor the parents' wishes.