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When Farley and Stephanie chatted again on March 8, 2007, he told her that he had met a woman from Toronto online who was “active” with her ten-year-old daughter.

He said that the woman lets her daughter see her masturbating, “lets her touch and has taught her how to rub ․ herself,” and had even allowed Farley to watch the process by using a webcam.

In response to Stephanie's story that she had sex with her stepfather at age twelve, Farley said, “I would imagine if it is done gently, lovingly and consistently it is not looked at as anything strange.” Stephanie then asked Farley what made him want a “real” experience.

Farley answered that he had been “interested in younger” for a while, “never my own, but those ages.” He said that he would like to have an ongoing relationship “with the mom's involvement to teach, and guide ․ jointly teaching her, so no secrets for her to hide or feel guilty about those kinds of things, totally open, and with no dad to worry about makes it better.”Noting that he had “a lot to lose,” Farley asked Stephanie to get a webcam so he could see her on live video during their chats and make sure that she was “real and not some cop or something.” Stephanie never hooked up a webcam, although she did send Farley a real photo of herself standing next to a nine-year-old girl.

On October 13, 2006, during another chat session, Stephanie once again asked Farley what made him want a real experience.