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The pair became regular tabloid targets in Frank Magazine. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky: Clinton had a relationship with the 22-year-old intern while in his first term in the White House.

Clinton denied the relationship at first, but after Lewinsky’s dress was turned in for DNA testing he changed his tune.

If that’s the case, managers can invariably find themselves in a sticky situation.“Their complex predicament involves considerable potential downside for the organization should workplace romances go wrong,” says Cole.

But work romances involving an extramarital affair can be very uncomfortable for coworkers, especially if they know the cheater’s spouse, says Cole.

Hiding relationships in the office can also take a toll on productivity, as workers spend time trying to cover up, rather than concentrating on the task at hand.“There could be a lot of negative emotion that is channelled into the workplace if it’s a rocky relationship,” says Cole.

The manager was confronted several times over the years but denied the relationship.

While office relationships were not forbidden by the company, the manager was eventually terminated for lying. Justice James Sloan of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice upheld the company’s decision in his December 2011 judgment.“Kuntz had every right to consider that Reichard’s wilful misconduct seriously called into question the trust, integrity and honesty required for him to perform his duties as a manager and that Kuntz’s lack of trust in Reichard was sufficient to terminate him for cause,” said Sloan.

British billionaire Richard Branson, chair of the Virgin Group, thinks it can be a positive force, and make for stronger companies.“Rather than implementing prohibitive rules that make for distracted and unhappy employees, it’s far better to prepare with some sensible guidelines for your company to cope with relationships that will inevitably arise,” says Branson in a column for Canadian Business Magazine.